Brewing Systems


HDP manufactures systems ranging from pilot plants to large regional breweries.

Our automation team will customize your package from malt handling and milling to cellar control. Customizing and automating operations will result in decreased labor, improved and repeatable performance and a faster return on investment.

HDP offers a wide variety of products for the Brewing Industry

  • Kettle Systems
  • Full mash wort production
  • Wort Coolers
  • Oxygenators
  • Yeast injectors
  • Filtration and carbonation units – manual and automatic
  • Bottle fillers for beers, ciders and wines
  • Bottle fillers and crowners for beer, ciders and wines
  • Bottle rinsers, washers, soakers, for beer, ciders and wines
  • Keg washers and carboy rinsers
  • Bottling tables