Brewery Equipment

Keg Washers

Two Station Keg Washer


  • Heated insulated reservoir with sight tube
  • Stainless pump and manifold assembly
  • Injector pump for direct injection of sanitizers in water stream
  • Hot & cold water valves
  • Air and CO2 connections for drain assist and keg charging
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Caustic recovery

PLC Controlled with HMI for operator setup of cycles


  • Emptying
  • Hot water rinse of keg
Select any or all of the following cycles & the duration
  • Wash cycle,
  • Hot rinse,
  • Cold rinse,
  • Injection cycle (acid or sanitizer),
  • Cold water rinse

Operator selected duration of each cycle

  • Keg purge with CO2

Optional test kegs with sight glasses for optimal setup of the machine are also available

HDP - Brewery Equipment - Keg Washers
HDP - Brewery Equipment - Keg Washers